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Insurers that are able to adapt their underwriting guidelines and rating algorithms to better attract and price favorable risks and account for these new technologies stand to gain the most. Insurance operations will also need to evolve to serve new products, customers, and channels and to address the technological advancements enabled through the future mobility ecosystem. To help realize both top and bottom line growth, insurers should create new products and services aligned with the needs of customers in the four future states. They will need to build expertise in new systems and technologies. They will need to more quickly and accurately price risk and underwrite policies. And they will need to leverage new sources of data throughout the insurance value chain.

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Insurers should evaluate the probability of adoption to understand when policyholders might transition to autonomous vehicles. As noted above, we envision earlier and more widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles in the form of shared mobility future state 4. Engage with new classes of data: Connected and autonomous vehicles will present insurers with entirely new classes of data about where, how, and when a vehicle is being driven. To price policies effectively, insurers should understand these data points’ risk implications and correlation with losses. Today, data garnered from existing telematics solutions can give carriers significant experience building, testing, and refining risk models and customer segments. Given the volume of data required to comprehensively validate these models, insurers that become early adopters by collecting and analyzing this data may gain a significant competitive advantage.

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